We Are One Today!

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)

From the tracks of history, we see how many unforgettable battles had been ignited by words. And words were equally the starting points for love and peace.

There have been words which evoked superior imaginations in our mind. Words which provoked deeper thoughts. And words which couldn’t but stir us to action.

Yet there hasn’t ever been such a perfectly glorious word like the one living Word. Jesus Christ the Lord of all.

Even those who heard Him two millenniums ago marvelled at the flaming fire His lips kindled.

“Wasn’t it like a fire burning in us when he talked to us on the road and explained the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:32).

Today, it is exactly a year since we launched out on this particular mission with creative words, in obedience to the call of our Lord and Master.

In this past 366 days, God has miraculously equipped and strengthened us in writing and releasing four original novels and web serials, along with short stories and poems.

We are more than humbled and grateful for His fabulous work through us. And we thank you our cherished readers for trusting God’s message through our humble hands.

As we mark one year in this beautiful journey with you through God, we have gathered some of the most powerful quotes from our releases so far for your reading pleasure.

We are praying that these golden words from our novels and poetry single will point both you and us to the Living Word even more.

To redemption, righteousness, surrender… and a richly fulfilling life.


With love from us to you,

Kayode & Tola Olla

Cedars of Lebanon, 24 Nov, ’20


◙ ◙ ◙



Iyun pondered the thoughts in her searching mind. Maybe this is what people call the dream world. Or maybe this is something else. What if the High Heavens really came bowing down to kiss earth… Koje’s earth for that matter?

Sacriprice (November 2020)


It was an inexplicable, keen sense of void, of meaninglessness—maybe vanity—that Kelvin felt. An everlasting vacuum his self-crafted idol couldn’t fill up. So much as he stacked it into his soul’s vast cavity. He felt empty-ed. No; maybe, void-ed.

Dragongod (November 2019)


Arms stretch open wide

Lips quiver in tongues unheard

And with the winds, and with the trees

My body sways in praise of Your Name

Atobitan, Atbatan, Atbatl!


All for You (August 2020)


‘We can’t find God in a human being,’ he said to himself. ‘Staka is a human too, after all,’ he admitted.


Penalty (July 2020)


‘If man cannot give birth to horses nor can horses birth man, then what makes our fathers think the blood of horses will remedy the death curse? Would horses and beasts even choose to save man from dying the death?’

Sacriprice (November 2020)


You have been so focused and busy with paying back the debt, that your border defenses were left weak and porous. So, coming into your territory was a piece of cake for us. You see, money isn’t everything! Everything went according to our plan. No one plays game with us and beat us to it. No one dines with the devil and go scot-free.

Reconquered (March 2020)


But then, hating kowtowing cultures and peoples were only an excuse for Khalid. He simply loathed humans. People that reminded him of his younger self. And from that day, Lucifer found an ambassador.

Dragongod (November 2019)


‘Just like the alcohol blurred your sense of judgment, the windowpane through which you peer at God’s Almightiness is stained with pride and a haughty feeling of entitlement. And no matter how hard you look, you can’t see Him right.’

Dragongod (November 2019)


If my breath is just a puff

I will breathe my breath into air

That my breath will join the winds

And praise You beyond the puff of life

And extol You when I’m long gone

All for You (August 2020)


As Tai VeShadd sadly had his way with the poor woman in a minute, the young man metamorphosed in Beya’s perception within a microsecond… From a celestial star… to a lowly mortal… and to a degenerate beast.

Penalty (July 2020)


They had always wanted justice. And now that justice was right in front of them, they lack the expression to articulate how dreadful it felt. At last, Mr Jan’il broke the silence with a deepened sigh. ‘Ah, they call God the Dreadful Avenger!’ he said.

Penalty (July 2020)


‘Even if we slaughter horses like you do in Jaiye every season, I know the blood of hundreds and hundreds of horses won’t still wash away the curse on us. Not to even consider the fact that we’ve got no hundreds of costly horses to sacrifice for the Sin of our birth! The sins of our forefather.’

Sacriprice (November 2020)


It’d started for Khalid as wanting to fight for a noble cause. Now, he was fighting against humanity.

Dragongod (November 2019)


Oye knew Jimi was witty and smart. But he couldn’t believe Jimi could sacrifice himself to save the country from Utopia’s hands. The old man couldn’t believe the president would be ready to risk being burnt just so he could raze down the mighty monster. Both Oye and Utopia were prepared for everything but not for Jimi’s confession.

Reconquered (March 2020)


How I wish my praises

Can build You a mighty castle!

But You are far much bigger

Than anything I could ever give You!

And if my heart can tear through space

To reach Your giant ears in glory—

What more can I ask for, Adaye!

All for You (August 2020)




Published by Cedars of Lebanon

Cedars of Lebanon is a Christ-centred creative ministry, with a mission to reach the nations with God’s glorious message through free works. We are the publishers of eNovels released on the creative media KTOLLA.com.

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